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Does anyone know about this problem. Got that message when i logged on and was trying do display my basket. I’ve checked the queues and in jobmq there’s the message. It seems as like theres a communication problem between Attain and the message queueing. But I can’t figure it out. BTW it’s CP 3.10 Regards Henrik

OK I am no expert on CP but have done a bit with MSMQs. This looks like the NAS is not running (I am assuming that CP uses NAS). Paul Baxter

I looked at the NAS, and it’s up n running! Might be that I use the wrong params?? But i managed to synchronise everything from Attain. It seems that it works one way (Attain->Web), but not the other (Web → Attain). Regards, Henrik

OK That sounds like the ‘Incoming Queue Label’ is not set up correctly, or the value in the registry is wrong. Does the message just sit on the queue. Check the value in the label is the same as is in the registry on the request setup card. Paul Baxter

This is strange… I created a new user, and it worked out fine. Everything works now. I don’t know what was wrong, but I’ll have to find out… Thanks anyway! /Henke