No Record in Inventtransorigin

Hello Guys…

When I create a movement journal with an item and post the same, the journal gets posted successfully but when we check the inventory transactions, the form is blank.

When we checked the tables related to the same, we have found that there is no record in the inventtransorigin table, however there is a record in the inventtrans and there is a value in the inventransorigin recid.

Did anyone face the similar issue.

What is the solution.

If inventTrans has the inventTransOrigin and there is no relevant record in InventTransOrigin that could be an data inconsistency.

Does it happens all the time or in specific conditions?

The insert into inventJournalTrans handles the inventTrans and its origin creation. How this data is being created?

I am creating the record manually and this happens sometimes… like once or twice a day for some transactions.

If you are able to reproduce the issue, then you should be able to debug it.

Hi Kranthi,

Right now for the time being we directly created the record in the inventtransorigin table from the backend.

That is not suggested, rather the problem should be investigated.