No production order

Hi experts,

My environment is NAV 4.0 sp3. Cronus databse , No customizations.

When it comes to set up Components at location is Blue.

Combined MPS/MRP caluc = yes

I created a Item A ( Finished item). Reordering policy = Fixed reordering , Replenish = productin. Inventory = 0

For Above item two BOMs B, C… (Inventory = 0), Reordering policy = Fixed , Replenish = Purchase.

I created a sales order for item A = 10 Location is Blue . And I released sales order.

When I run the Planning worksheet it is not showing about my production order that means sales order.

But it is showing only components B, C with quantity to make Item A.

Y my planning worksheet is not showing production order.

Then how can i know how many production orders has to create per month ?

Then what is the use of Planning worksheet. :-k

Thanks and regards

I would guess Item A has a firm planned production order against it - go to the item card and look at the quantity on production order. This is probably the case as the components are being planned but production not. The planning worksheet will show prodcution when it is required, and that is the purpose.

Thanks Mr. Steven Sir ,I already mentioned about that For Item A inventory = 0.I did not create any production orders for the Item A. Just I create the sales order and released.But it is not showing any Production orders for that sales order when I run Planning worksheet.Let me know one thing is there any impact on Planning worksheet If the item has Make to order or make to stock .Thanks and regards

Austin I am saying production is already there, or planned, otherwise you would see it. Check for works orders or other planning runs. It is there, you are just not looking in the right place! There is no issue with the planning worksheet if it is make to stock or to order in what you describe.

Essentially the demand is already being fulfilled, that is why you do not see the works order - you just have to find it - it does work it is how you are looking at it!