No permission to run custom form


I have developed custom form for our users. Everything works great when i run it using dev. license. When using the form in prod. environment the users
cant run the form. Dialog says something like “you are not authorized to run form xxxxx”

I not very good at licenses and permissons in Nav but is it a licenseproblem? We are running nav 3.6 and we have granule 8,300 Application objects - Forms (100) ---- 1

We are using windows auth and I have set up a role for the specific form and proper permissions for it. (read, write, execute, edit, delete)

Regards Tomas

What Object ID did you give to the Reports?

You should check in which range you can add your own custom reports.

Hi Tomas

The standard range that ships with most licenses is 50000 - 50099 for granule 7,120 Form Designer

You have purchased 100 extra object with granule 8,300 - please contact the partner who ordered the extra granule for the number assignment. It is not uncommon that the granule is purchased without the number range being assigned. This is easy to fix and the good news it’s free [:)]

The object ID for my Form is 73458. According to my license, I cant add forms in that range?

Renumber the object to the the next number after the last form in the 50000 section and try to run it.

Do you have your xxx.cfg file that comes with your xxx.flf file? This will list the actual object numbers you are licensed to use.

Ok thx all, problem solved.
I changed object ID to my license range and the users were able to run the form. Thanks for the help.