No Permission to Read Web Portal User Role Table

Hi Forum, just like my previous post I now have an error issued when just one of the users tries to access Contacts, RM is apart of their licence. I cannot see how this is happening as I cannot access the Web Portal User Role using their licence even as a Super User. as it is not part of their licence. Can any one tell me what could have been tampered with to trigger this. I have run the Contact table and cant see anything that is causing it and the Web Portal User Role table in question is empty. The Commerce Portal table is also empty. Thanks…Paul

What about Commerce Portal Setup table? Or maybe Notification Setup table?
Look at them from Object Designer and see if there is a record in any of them. To insert a record into a setup table it might suffice to open the setup card and move the cursor from the key field and the presence of a record into a setup table might trigger other things to happen…
As about how the users could have accessed a setup they aren’t supposed to be allowed to… well, Lord’s ways are endless and also are Navision’s. [:)]
You sure there isn’t a developper license sitting forgotten in a folder?

Hi Anna, thanks for replying. The Commerce Portal Setup table was empty as is the Web Portal User Table but there was a rogue record in the Notification Table which I deleted. I logged on as the user BUT still get the permissions message for Web Portal User Role. There is a developer licence hidden on their server for my use when I RDP into their server but this user would not know where or how to use it. I think I will go and lie down in darkened room with a beer as tomorrow is another day. Thanks…Paul

Hi Paul,

Have a look at the setup tables again. There might be a record there, that has nothing in it.

The system creates a record with a blank primary key in it.

Just check when you run the table that the star does not appear on the record that would identify a record exists.

Another way to check if there are records in any tables related to the WP is to go File, Database, Information. Click Tables and see if there are any related tables with records in them.


Kia Ora Tony, thanks for the help. I have checked the tables and there are no records in existance. Also checked tables from DB Info and again nothing so not really sure what this user has done but I will continue to investigate. Thanks…Paul [:)]

“Kia Ora” - LOL, whats funny is I’m orignallay from Southampton Hants [:D]

“Kia Ora” - LOL, what’s funny is I’m originally from Southampton Hants [:D]

Well I’ll be, a Hamshire Hog in The Land of the Long White Clound