No Permission to Read the Analysis View Table!!!

Hi Experts,

I can’t seem to figure out how to solve this issue. The error message is ‘You do not have permission to read the Analysis View Table’. This happens when they post the purchase order. Posting was succesfull but after posting, this message would appear. I checked their licensed, they don’t have permission to use the analysis by dimension. Eventhough their licensed does not permit them to use this feature i still set the analysis view in the role permission. But still this message appears. Can someone tell me how to eliminate this message.

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Go to Analysis Card and untick the Update on Posting Field



hi same problem but they cannot untick they are using analysis report, what to do/

hi have same problem it just that they cannot untick it since they are using analysis by dimension

Hi kierra,

What is the problem ?

When a user try reversing an entry the error appear you do not have permission to table analysis view. but it permission has been set to that user already

For Analysis report they must have used Analysis view .Remove the update on posting and check.

Amol If i remove update on posting there analysis by dimension view will not be updated

Yes it will not update the transaction but we have option on Analysis view card to update the analysis view.You can manually update the analysis view.

how can we manually update it if we will untick the update on posting?


On Analysis Card there is button called ‘Update’ Kindly check that.