No Permission to Read Property Store Table (9801)

Hi Forum,

One of my clients has suddenly been getting messages that they do not have permission to read the Property Store table. Why this should suddenly start happening I do not know but can someone tell me what application this table is associated with to help narrow down the cause of this. Thanks…Paul

The table is used in codeunit 8000 Business Notification Mgt which should be part of Commerce Portal.
Maybe somebody tampered with some unrequested setup and changed something wich triggered the new application behaviour.

Hi Anna tanks for that, now I have a starting point. I wouldnt put it past them to play with things as its something they have been considering. Once again many thanks and I will let you now what I find…Paul [:D]

Hi Paul,

Not sure if this will work, I have seen similar problems before, but this may be different.

Use a developer license go to the table and delete any records in there.

That’s if your not using it.

Put the customer license back and see if the error goes.

Let me know if it works and I’ll explain what it was.

Hi Tony and Anna, there was nothing in table 9801 however there was a blank record in Commerce Portal Setup which I deleted and now I can happily login as a uesr and dont get the permissions error. Thanks to both of you. Hope it is nice in NZ at the moment, trying to get time off for a few weeks in Christchurch and visit all the old places from when I lived there…Paul [:D]