No Permission to create 'Ship-to Address' table

Hi everyone,

when i assign one of the users (IT staffs) with administrative rights to create users, it prop out an error message:

You do not have permission to create the ‘Ship-to Address’ Table.
Contact the system manager if you need to have your permissions changed.

But I already have ‘super’ rights… [:’(]

May be it depends upon your license.

Check whether your license has this granule to use Ship-to Address table

hi mohana,

how do i check whether i have the license? from sales order form/ customer card i was able to add/ modify ship-to address in the card…

i am able to go into the table and directly insert a new record too…

You can directly try by running table 222-Ship-to Address from Object designer


From Customer Card–>Customer–>Ship-to Addresses


thats the puzzling thing: i was able to insert new ship-to address in customer card, ship-to address table directly…

Did you Synchronize User?

its a local database… :frowning: so i presume no synchronization required…

May I know which version are you using?

i m using v5sp1

I found a MS link…just check whether it helps

hi mohana:
i added table id:222(ship-to address) permission to insert, delete, modify and its fine now … previously i added on table data only…