No of Users

Hi all,

Max no users given in Navision liscence file [How many users Navision will support concurrently]



It depends on how many you buy [:D]

There is a session granule on your license when you view it, and there is one included in the base module.

Probably the best thing to do is log into customersource and view your own license in a friendly format.

Hi Adam

In liscence 1020 is given

I want to know the maximum no of sessions navision supports

If so then max no if seccions is 1020 or it can be mre than that also depending upon the users

Oh i see!

There is no “maximum” however I believe there are recommnedations based upon the load and configuration etc. I have read of sites with 500 users, but I cannot say if that is concurrent. I will see if I can find anything, assumign you have already searched this forum, but also leave it open for others to contribute.

Microsoft position the product in the 2-250 user range if this helps.