No of companies in navision

Hi, Is there any restriction on creating number of companies in Navision? Also does this affect the SQL performance as lot of tables internally gets created with new co creation? Thanks, Best regards, Anu

It affects the performance on SQL when doing table redesigns because it must change each physical table per company. That in turn will greatly impact restoring a company into a database containing several companies, but that’s not an issue if you stick to SQL backup/restore. Off-hand I can’t think of more but they might come to me later.

Also the number of companies is restricted in your license. I don’t know the price of additional companies, but I don’t think you get unlimited companies by default.

At least 2 companies are included in each user license. The idea is to keep the CRONUS test company running alongside the real company.

The number of companies was limited by the license during the Navision time, at that time an additional company would cost around 200 USD, and an unlimited company granule was around 2000 USD. Since MBS the Foundation Layer (the basic license granule) that must be included in any license does include Unlimited company automatically. From a technical point, I have seen databases with more than 150 companies, I guess it’s rather a matter of handling and maintence, especially in the moment of backup and creating new fields, flowfields and keys. Saludos Nils

Thanks, Nils. I didn’t know that.

Thanks for all your replies here. I too believe that number of companies is unlimited now where previously it was limited and navision should be able to handle any number of companies. Obviously any change to fields will take time updating whole database when there are lot of companies. Other than this do you see any issues in ongoing performance of SQL database? The question here is that any limitation in SQL server in terms of number of physical tables. Thanks, Best regards, Anu

Nowadays, if you purchase the Foundation Layer (for Navision Professional version), then you do get a granule for unlimited companies… …as far as SQL performance is concerned, the important issue here is the number of concurent users that might be dangling with the db’s [:D]

Also the rename of a company which takes on a native database just a few seconds can drive you crazy on a SQL database. I have seen on a quite huge server (dual processor,2GB of RAM, RAID5) the rename running for more than 3 hours where it only took 2 minutes on a Navision Native database. What I did to work around this fact was to create a Navision Backup on SQL server. Restore in native DB, rename company, Backup again and restore in SQL server. This one was 20 minutes only.

Nice workaround with the company rename Thomas [:D] It is kinda strange, but the SQL server option can only be a pain in the butt when it comes to performance issues, with disregard to the pure technical capabilities of the server…but I do tend to believe that for the coming MBS Navision version (probably 5.0 ?), Navision’s architecture will be redesigned so as to properly fascilitate and work around with the SQL server, since almost all the clients, specifically request to use the SQL server as the underlying db system for this application (at least here in Greece)…

Versileios, Navision runs perfectly on MS SQL Sever! But NOT out of the BOX! Standard Navision is still only optimized for the native database. This is to my knowledge partly due to the fact that the Navision application developers are not knowledgerble in what it takes to code Navision to SQL. We had help from properly the best consultant availble - at least the only one I know is specialized in SQL Performance - Hynek Mullbacher - and he did wonders!

Hello only as a note: The number of companies in one Database (Nav 3.70) is limited. It can be max. 255.

Anyway it is not 255 I have seen it as 10,000,001 in one license details. Best regards Anu

There is no limit and it doesnt affect to the perfomance.