No of companies in Navision SQL Server

we are about to implement a solution with over 2000 companies in a database. this sits on a SQL server. have anyone ever implemented a database of this size? i am worried because one navision company takes up about 700 tables in the SQL server. if there were 2000 company books, then MS SQL server will be handling, close to 14,000 tables… how well does navision in SQL handle company books to this extent?

2000 companies? Have you read the Attain License Conditions? If they are 2000 different legal entities, this is a violation if the license conditions.

this is for some education centre that is using navision as an education tool. we are thinking about implementing one company per student in the education centre.


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2000 companies? Have you read the Attain License Conditions? If they are 2000 different legal entities, this is a violation if the license conditions.

What about a company providing legal services (e.g. tax advisors)? If I AM this legal company and I have 2000 customers (so 2000 companies in the database) and I am using only g/l for my work; do I violate the license condition? (of course, I have to buy “unlimited companies”). Regards Walter

In both the above cases it is perfectly legal, as far as I interpret the licence conditions.

Navision has various “academies” around the planet which educate Solution Center personnel. There, each student has his or her own database, usually stored on the local hard drive on their laptop. Jordan Ng should probably do something similar, although he or she should have the students backup their databases to a centralized server as often as possible.

You will experience problems when restoring a Navision backup (fbk) with many companies. The SQL Server allocates a certain amount of memory per system object (table, index, …) during the restore and you are likely to get into problems if you attempt to restore a backup with many companies. Restoring a SQL backup will not generate the same kind of problem. Similarly, running with many companies also require extra memory as each SQL system object consumes some internal cache memory during execution. But that is probably a lesser problem. The good news is: I don’t think there are any “hard” limitations. - Jens

The hard limit to the number of tables in your database is more or less 2,147,483,647. This is actually a SQL object limit, including views etc. It will not make any difference to Attain in normal operation how many companies and tables are in the database. But as Jens says, Attain restore will be terrible if restoring objects for all companies.

yeah i think what Jens said is quite true. i have tried to restore 60 companies in navision SQL Server databse. now i have this error in SQL Server which sounds like: “SQL Server cannot obtain a LOCK resource at this time. Rerun your statement when there are fewer active users or ask the system administrator to check the SQL Server Lock and memory configuration”. i have gone to microsoft’s website to find out about this. and i have found out that i should use the sp_configure command to configure the lock for SQL Server. the problem is, i have configured the maximum locks possible which is 2,147,483,647 but i still face the same problem. any ideas on this?

Hi Jordan, Just curious and nothing to do with your problem…which SQL Server edition are you using to create this 2000 companies? Standard or Enterprise Edition? [:D]

enterprise edition