No more classic Navi

Hi all, Next year Navision Software will not work no more with the classic Navi, so all the actual Navi 3.56 users will have to update to Navision Financials. I suppose you all would know it, but my question is: Must I rewrite again all my code in Financials? I have been working for years creating reports, tables, procedures, etc… what will I do with this code? Thank you, Carlos Adrián Martínez

Hi Carlos, I would very much like to hear more about that. Is this general or only in Spain? In the US they stopped selling NEW LICENCES a few years ago, but have not announced that they plan to stop selling additional users, database space etc. To the upgrade procedure: Navision Software provides tools to help you with this upgrade (if you are a NSC employee). Best regards, Erik P. Ernst, webmaster Navision Online User Group

Hi Erik, I think it is not only in Spain, but I am not sure. I think this because I receive a letter where Navision Software España, S.A. wrote that was Navision Software a/s who retired the software. And even more they say that from 31th of march there will be no more new licenses, and until this date the support will be restricted. If anyone knows more about that I would be very pleased to know. Thamks I hope this help you Carlos Adrián Martínez

Hi Carlos, Navision Germany says that they will still support existing N3.56 installations(official letter from april 2001). Probably they will stop developing new modules or enhancements. Marc