No Modules In AX2012

hi all,

i installed ax2012 r2 sucessfully with demodata(.bak file),

after that i opend my ax client, am not able to see any modules like AR,AP its all blank in enviroment,

can anyone help me to solve my pblm

thanx in advance


Check which role is assign to your user name and License Key

hi vinoth,

thanx for ur reply,

how can i check tat?

am not able to see any modules…

Okay , if u open ax client which module is coming ,can u able to open developer work space(ctrl+shift+w)

Have u done all initialization checklist and uploaded the license file correctly

hi vinoth,

am able to see my developer workspace,

but the modules like AR,AP etc only am not able to see, its fully blank and yeah, i comepleted initialization checklist also

All the module are not visible or only few modules? R U having admin role in ur ax . if your having admin role then do one more time initi check list and Synchronization close ur ax client open it again


all the modules r not visible, am the admin for that instance, here i attached my screen also,

any other option r ther?

thanx for ur replies vinoth

Did u got any error during installation if no then do the initi checklist again and synchronization data base .close ur client and open it again

not got any error while installation or doing synchronization, for 2 days am facing this pblm :frowning:

thanx for replies vinoth

Check this link maybe this could solve the problem

I think u need to perform the checklist again