no jobs displays in shop floor control while selecting job registration!!!

Hi All,

I have scheduled job in works/production order form, when i am pressing “JOB” for selected order then it shows all operations related to that job.

but when i am going to see all this job at " job regristration(job queue) " , i am getting this form empty (no jobs selected.)

if any one have idea pl. do replay asap.

thank you in adavance.

Does not look to me like you have logged in to SFDC yet, so no jobs would be visible. These jobs would then be those sceduled against you as a work centre from memory on the SFDC Employee and WC relationship, yours are scehduled across different work centres, so you would not see them.


I have a problem with SFC module

I am trying to register the job based on the clock in and clock out time, I clock in and clock out using SFC module, F3 button, but the time is not captured any where in the production order, my question is how it gets linked to productin order and where can i see that?


Hi barath,

I don’t have worked on SFC. but from the production point of view the Job Id’s are related internally to the production order.

because these jobs are created from production by running the job scheduling.

You can see SFC → Inquiries → Job Status → Production Status. It may help you.

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hi Adam,

can you please elaborate what is SFDC and how to log in for this service…!!?

Thank you.

It is Shop Floor Control (SFDC is just shop floor data collection which is the screen you posted), it is the module you are in. You have not logged into the screen you are in, you need to define your employee number and then log into it.

i read one Microsoft’s book for SFC, in that they given you just select Warehouse, site & workcenter so it will list all scheduled job. i have past that screen-shot from book here we can see employee number comob is empty.

there is some parameter i am missing to fill? and yes i have also tried with Employee login then also it not list Production orders to process…!!![*-)]

I hope employee id should be taken by the system - as the employee id will attached to the user id.

How the system knows which jobs are related which employee - do you have attached the employee to the work center.

is there any specific licence for Job Regristration in SFC!??

You need shop floor control - II for job registration. Refer Ax 2009 Quick Reference guide for more help…( which is available in this site for download)

Yes quite clearly, which one is another matter.

Is your configuration prompting you for a produciton area?

What is the start page parameter set to on the configuration you are selecting?

@ Kranthi:(i think) yes i know about SFC2 its just module to divide theoretical, but its all in only one main menu reference.

@AdamRoue! : i have post screen-shot for your convenience, 1. click on SFC from MainMenu,

2 click on Job Registration(Job Queue)

  1. enter WC,Site,Warehoues

  2. i am getting screen above past (shows no job in grid)

And the answer to my previous question …

“What is the start page parameter set to on the configuration you are selecting?”


sorry boss i am not getting what do you mean by “start page parameter”…!!

you are asking about “setup parameters for SFC”!!?

Go to SFC - Setup - Terminals - Configure Registration Forms. It depends what you have in here - how many options are there? Anyway there will be one with the “promot for production area” selected as you are seeing this screen. Then you will see a field called “start page” on the overview and the general tab. I guess this is set to “None” set it to “Jobs”. This is the whole configuration of the screen you pasted into the post.

yes i have selected Jobs for all three, and also have tick for “prompt for production area” as shown below, it not working!