No Domain Controller, access global - how?


I have set up the three tier model. However, I am not using any domain controller and have no reason to, unless it is absolutely necessary for using NAV. Isn’t it possible to create users just by username and password, without the need of a Domain Controller and AD?

I want my clients to connect remotely from wherever they are, i.e. not within the LAN or on the same domain (there is no domain). Is that possible? I have tried directly to the public IP of the NAV server from the client, but I am unable to connect. Is this do-able?



check this…it may help you

Thanks. This post addresses the AD issue, but still does not make me able to connect to the server. In the config file (ClientUserSettings.config) I change the value of key for “Server” from “localhost” to “”, where is the public IP address of my NAV server. However, when starting the RTC it cannot connect to the NAV server, saying “The program could not create a connection to the server”.

Any ideas?