(no dimension values) appears on Dimension Total report.


What do I need to do if I generate a dimension-total report and there are some line that says.

Dimension Dimension Value Balance at Date

Department (no dimension value) 100.00

Department Admin 200.00

Thanks in advance, this forum is really a big help.


I found why this “(no dimension values)” appear on Dimension Total report.

It is because there are entries on the Analysis View entries has no dimensions.

Any suggestion how am I going to solve this problem?

Delete the entries from Analysis view entry table and update it again from Analysis card.

Yes, I did that and my analysis view report works fine now, but why is that when I run my dimension total report ,iit s not displaying any record. Thus happen after I de;ete and update my analysis view card.

Thanks for the reply

You do not need to delete/update AV CARD - but the view ITSELF, there is a button Update.

Besides, if you change anything in AV Card, you must update the AV, as any change deletes previously gathered data, but about that Navision warns you as sson as you try to change something.