No data when connecting Access to NF via ODBC

Hello, I have linked tables of Navision Financials 2.6 to a Access Database via the CODBC driver. When I want to display the content(data) of some tables I get the following error: [Navision Software a/s][Navision Financials ODBC Driver]Unknown Error (#4) And the content isnt shown. The strange thing is that I can view the datastructure (fieldnames,datatypes) of this table. Also not every table generates this error. Some tables can been shown in content(data)-mode. Did anyone had a similar problem ? Or any idea what is wrong ? Thx in advance and sorry for my bad english [:)]

try first with simple queries like select * from customer… navision odbc drivers are not working that good when using some more complex queries… Regards,

Does this tables have fields that containt some ’ . ’ character. I guess yes. This can be a problem.

Thx for your help, but i found the problem. After setting up a Navison Client and testing some rights on the test database i found out that the error happens when you do not have the rights to access the table. Very confusing cause when I do not have the right to use ODBC I get a message like “No permission” Thats very clear but when I do have the ODBC-rights and do not have access to the table I get a “Unknown Error”… Regards, Neanor