No Active Key - Issued Finance Charge Memos (Nav 2009 R2)

Hi everyone,

I am having a problem viewing/printing issued finance charge memos. Get the following Error…

The Issued Fin. Charge Memo Line table does not have an active key that starts with the following field or fields: Finance Charge Memo.,Posting Date.

I can navigate to the memo line table but have no idea what to do from there. Help as always appreciated.

Thank you [:S]

Hi Gareth,

Exactly when does this happen? Only when you use Navigate?

And where you able to do this before?

Hi there,

Navigating doesn’t give me a problem. It happens when trying to print. We are re-instating the FC memo functionality which has been redundant for 6 years. This may have been a long standing problems but we are just finding it now we are re-instating them :frowning:



It seems like you need to have a key with fields Finance Charge Memo.,Posting Date. in Issued Fin. Charge Memo Line table.

please check whether it exists or not

It looks like your report is customized and using the key Finance Charge Memo.,Posting Date. which is not present in the table, As Mohana mentioned you need to add that key in the table 304, open the table in the design mode , View → Keys and add the key

Finance Charge Memo.,Posting Date.

Hi Gareth,

Did Mohana’s or Suresh’ suggestions help you, or did you find another solution for your problem?