No access to Table EMSFlow, AX 2009 VPC


I am using AX 2009 VPC and loaded partner development license in it. What happens now is, when I try to open a form in Accounts Payable => Common Forms => Purchase Order Details it gives error saying “Not enough rights to use table ‘Substance flow details’ (EMSFlow).”

I checked that every configuration key is enable in Administration => System => Configuration

Please help.


The table name ‘EMSFlow’ mentioned in your message appears to be a bespoke table. Can you confirm this?

If yes, then you should look at security and configuration key of this table and make sure it is all in order.

Yes. I think its only the demo license provided in VPC that works with the table. This error started occuring only after putting new partner license. Because there’s no such configuration to enable in System => Configuration as “EMS”


Did you fix it? I am having the same error in my VPC. I can not find the table on security and configuration key.

Where should i look?

Thanks a lot,


HI harish,

Did you fix it ? i am also having the same problem…