NGO and INGO - Help needed getting started in Dynamics NAV


i have some serious problems so i thaught i would post them here.

First of all i work as a Navision Developer but the problem is that i had been assisting my seniour sir but he left the office unexpectedly so all the pressure is on me to deliver. The thing is, programming, i think i will manage in time but the problem is system analysis and designing.

I have two other coworkers both as financial consultants but both are new but i have some experience of about 9 months.

My office usualy deals with NGOs and INGOs so it would be very helpful if anyone can help me out here!! What I am looking for is some documents that will help me to do the anslysis and designing part in Navision 4.0 for the NGOs and INGOs.

I would be greateful if i could even get some suggestions on how to progress and take some forward steps.

thank u

hope i will get some help

what are NGOs and INGOs?

I would probably try to find a job with a company that has a bigger staff to learn from. Where are you?

NGO = non-governmental organisation

INGO = [:^)]

Maybe you could find assistence here:

thanks for ur suggestion, but i am here in Nepal and by my knowledge, my office is the only one which provides Navision products in Nepal. So i really need some help!!!

Dear Kapil (I guess this is your first name),

I’m afraid the problem is, that we are not quite sure what kind of help you are looking for. Just “Navision” is not too specific …

my office is the only one which provides Navision

So you are working for this company? If not, well, there’s another NAV partner in Nepal you could contact.

I/we would appreciate if you could give us more detailed information about your current problem so that we could support you!

Best regards,


What i want to make clear is that we all are begineers in this field and we want to master it to the extent possible.
We have been studying the training manuals of navision these days. In addition to this, what else we can do so that we can learn designing and implementing Navision so that we can continue giving our support to the existing clients. Most of our clients are not-for-profit organisations, so can we do any dummy projects to be prepared.

So, as far as I understand you are a beginner in NAV development, looking for support to expand your skills and getting some experience.

It’s very hard to learn NAV just from any manuals or books; it’s strongly recommended to get some trainings, where the system, the business processes and the features are introduced and explained. This is a crucial prerequisite for development - you cannot implement proper changes if you don’t know the “standard”.

Further, learning development just from the books is quite a tough job, too. If possible, you should participate at some “standard” courses (sorry, I don’t know about the training facilities in Nepal).

What I would also recommend is, to browse the “Beginners Forum” in this User Group, and also look at other communities as or the “official” Microsoft communities. Here you could learn about other “Newbies’” problems - and solutions!

To get some practice in development, maybe you should just try to develop some smaller examples - whatever you imagine -, actually playing with the controlls, functions, methods etc. with reading the related help files, to create your own features step by step …

Good Luck and have Fun!