NF2.60 via Citrix - All labels etc. are black???

I have a Problem, and I dont know how to solve it. We are running NF-SQL 2.60c W1 via a Citrix 6.01 connection. My problem is that when some of our users log on, all labels,textboxes,commandbuttons etc. on their client are all black?? At first I was sure that the problem should be found in the Citrix-client, but I have found out that I can solve the problem, simply by copying some other users’ zup-file (zup-files are stored on the citrix-server, and are defined by our LAN-login), which lead me to think that the problem could be found in NF. We have a daily average of about 35 online users, and I have only experienced this 5 times or so. Have anyone ever experienced anything like this? Have anyone an idea on how to solve this problem?

I think You have a font problem. The black textbox is infact a little part of a VERY big character. I experienced this at a clients site, but unfortunately I can’t remeber the exact solution. But I do remember that the problem was in the Citrix client. Have You tried to reinstall the latest version of the client. //Lars

No. But I’ll try that. However the first time this problem occoured, I asked the user to try another client - still black labels, then I asked the user to have someone else logon from the first client - no black labels. This was what lead me to try copying the zup-file, since the problem seemed to be user-dependant, and not client-dependant. Alexander