NF-Server crashes randomly

Hi! Since last (own) version update we have the problem that 2 of our Navision Server crashes periodically up to 4-5 times in 1 month. As far as i have checked this problem til now, i assume that there have to be some relation between Backup and Navision Application Server. In 5 cases i could reconstruct the course of events by windows event log: Some process (backup) uses the Navision.fdb. Navsion Application Server tries every 10 seconds to connect and gets this error message The next error comes from Navision Server → Internal Error 33 in Module 1 - and moreover event log tells me that this file is in use: e:\somas\11353\source\ide\server\SERVER.C Then Navision Application Server returns that it can’t get access to fdb file. After the backup(?) software is finished with fdb file the Navision Service crashes. Any idea why this happens and why not always? Just in particular cases?

It’s a file locking problem. The description for Error 33 in Module 1 is: #Err_OS_LockViolation (Module_OS, 33) You could try using HotCopy to perform the backup operation.

Thx i will try this