NF Server - cannot gain access to file fin.smt

I’ve installed a 4.0 server as a service on a 2003 server without problems. However when I try to to start the service an error occours. In the event log says “The operating system cannot gain access to the file fin.smt” I’m logged on as system administrator and I’ve tried both using the server installshield and just copying the server files to a directory and creating a batch file for the server installation. The ‘fun’ part of it all is that if I run server.exe in the Console (without the installasservice parameter) the server starts up perfectly. So the problem only exists when server.exe is installed as service. Hope someone has an idea…

When installing navision server fin.smt is created by you and the system account has no rights. Just delete the file. Give everyone fullcontrol on the navision folder en restart the server.

Found that the service ‘logged on’ with insufficient access rigths to the folder and fin.smt file. Changed the logon user to ‘system’ and it worked. Thanks for the quick response!