NF Server 2.6b Setup Error - Service can't start.

Hi, We are trying to install the Navision Server 2.6b on a Compaq ProLiant ML530 G2 (Dual 2.4GHz XEON 7GB RAM, with 4 arrays with Raid1+0 disk configuration) running on Windows 2000 Advanced Server SP4 and we cannot get through the setup wizard. Here’s the error … When the setup wizard gets to the point where it tries to start the navision service, it prompts us with this error message “Error 1920. Service NAVISION(NAVISION) failed to start. Make sure you have sufficient priviledges.” IF we hit [Cancel] the setup aborts. IF we hit [Retry] we get the same error. We are logged in as the Domain Administrator so user rights shouldn’t be an issue. Anybody has experienced this before[?] Help! P.S: We have successfully installed the NF Server 2.6b using the same user account(domain admin) and CDs on several other machine without any problems. (Windows 2000 Svr, W2K Professional)

The navision service starts default with the SYSTEM account. How you login isn’t important. You can bypass the setup by copying the files and install the service by using the parameter “installasservice”. Do a search on SP4, if I remember correctly someone reported a problem with sp4.