NF connection over VPN

Has anyone managed to get NF client to connect over VPN (Virtual Private Networks). We have managed to successfully get a connection to the NF Server ia VPN, but if there is no keyboard activity on the client for say 10mins when they try to resume the session the client PC we find that the client PC has lost connection with server. We then have to re-start the NF application on the client in order to resume the connection. If any one has managed to get a stable connection via VPN please repond or if you have any tips/tricks/suggestions. Thanks Wendy O’Connor Application Consultant Luminous Technologies Inc. Edited by - woc on 2/3/00 8:09:52 PM Edited by - woc on 2/3/00 8:12:31 PM

I think that Kloster-Import in Denmark made an add-on that could be used over an ISDN line (that also cuts down the line). Try to contact them on this Link (and remember to tell them about NOLUG!). ============ Best regards, Erik P. Ernst, webmaster Navision Online User Group Edited by - admin on 2/3/00 8:30:52 PM

I’m not quite sure this applies but i have seen something like this with a Unix-version of the Navision server once. A technician solved the problem increasing some tcp/ip setting called keepalivetime. B.R Ohlfsen