NF & Win2000 Terminal Server

I have a setup where client PC’s use IE to connect to a Win2000 Terminal Server using the TSAC. It works pretty fine, except when the user needs to print something, NF (emulated inside the IE window) tries to locate a printer local to the Terminal Server. Has anyone any idea on how I can change this to make NF print on the local printer - i.e. the one attached to the PC from where I am using IE for emulation and not the printer attached to the Terminal server where Navision is ACTUALLY running?

try defining ip adress of printer(client computer)in NF ! something as:\\epson with the IP adress of local computer on which you are trying to print from…( is TS client and EPSON is shared printer defined localy on client) phrozen Edited by - phrozen on 12/30/00 9:51:27 PM