NF 2.60B and SQL2000 - code page problem

Hallo, I have a big problem: When I connecting to MS-SQL Server 2000 from NF client 2.60B - The response is: Code page on your computer does not match the 0 code page on the server. What can I do ??? Thanks for help. Radek.

It may seem rather obvious, but the code page installed on the server is different from the code page on the workstation. We had this with a Windows 98 system connecting to a NT server, and it required to change the codepage of the W98 system (you have to dive into the registry for this). NT client to NT server doesn’t have this error (might give a warning though). Not sure how SQL 2000 behaves here. If all workstations show this message, something went wrong with server installation (you must specify a codepage during the installation process). John

Hi, I think you must use NF 2.60d. It had fix for use with SQL 2000. NF 2.60B can be used only with sql 7.0. Of cource your client computer code page must be the same like sql server code page. When you install sql server you choose a code page, if its not the same like in client, you must rebuild sql server, or reinstall. RGDS Gedas

On SQL 2000 its not needed to reinstall the server itself. U can change the codepage on a database level. But you should refer to SQL2000 docs on this issue. regards, Niki

Hi! I have already installed NF 2.60C with SQL 2000 Codepage Settings on the SQL 2000 server had do be 850,dictionary,case sensitive This is the only one which works You can select this by install the Server an d select “custom” install. It is right that on sql 2000 the codepage/collation can be selected for every db but this feature is not be used by NF 2.60 NF search for the Server Property!!! There is no other way as reinstall the server if the codepage is wrong. Be sure to use NF 2.60C or higher the second thing is to control the copepage Value of the NT Server in the registry. (search for “codepage”) nice Greetings Gayer Rene p.S: if u use windows authentifcation be sure to have installed all service packs

Hi again, I’m sorry but i not agree with Rene. Code page used by SQL server depents on NF client computer code page. I our country we use another code page and it require to have the same code page on SQL server. If you install SQl with not default instalation u can select from code pages. Sorry if i’m wrog. RGDS Gedas

Hi Gedas! Perhaps with the D Version it is fixed My Knwoledge is based on 2.60C. And there i invested some days to run with SQL 2000. Now my Server was/is installed with this codepage and it works. So i don’t test it with the D Version :slight_smile: Maybe it works with the D Version with antoher Codepage, but there is no documentation in Change Log . Which Codepage do you take`?1252? Nice Greetings Gayer Rene Projektmanagment NAVIConsult AG

Hi Rene, I’ve used NF 2.6b with SQL 7.0 with our code page (1257 Baltic). Then I’ve updated server to sql 2000 - no one client couldn’t connect to server because trere were error message about code page. I think NF 2.6b looked into server for code page and got wrong answer, because nothing changes in db just upgrade SQL version. I think Navision just fixed code page control in NF 2.6D. RGDS Gedas

Hi folks, I’ve had the problem just last week when connecting a NF client to a MS SQL 2000 Server. The problem was solved using the latest NF client 2.60D and the codepage of the client computer (registry entry “oemcp”) should be the same you have selected when installing your SQL 2000 Server. The code page of the Windows 2000 server (again registry entry “oemcp”) doesn’t matter at all. Regards from down under schluwe

hi, I get the stx file from Navision. It seems fixing the code page problem