NF 2.60 B and SQL Server 2000

Hi I have a small Problem. I installed a NF Client 2.60 B and a SQL Server 2000 Personal Edt. on a Windows 2000 Professional Workstation. I can Access the SQL Server/Database but… …if I try to use the NF-Client I enter the Name of my Server and my Accountinfo. When I push the Lookup-Button to choose my Database on the Server I got the Message that the ANSI or OEM Codepages on my machine are not the same as on the Server. I know what the messages means but I dont know where and how to make the neccesary changes. Can somebody help? Thanks ! Ben Benjamin Crause Germany

I had the same Problem, to fix it, i have formated the machine, and installed SQL 7.0 + Service Pack III in Germany, and the Windows 2000 in Germany, and now it works fine ! Its maybe a version conflict ?! ------------ Best regards Alejandro Schubert

Thanks. I’ve done it. :slight_smile: Now another problem: I installed SQL 7 + SP II (I didnt use SP I and SP III because I dont have them). The Client tells me now something 'bout a “…extended stored procedure xp_ndo_enumusersids from library xp_ndo.dll could not be added to SQL Server. As long as the procedure isnt being added to the Server the Client cannot access the Server with the Windows Authentication…” And now? Where can I change/add this procedure? Im a newbee in SQL :wink: Ben Benjamin Crause Germany

Follow these steps: 1. copy the file “xp_ndo.dll” to the SQL-servers Binn directory (eg. C:\MSSQL7\Binn) 2. Open Enterprise Manager 3. Choose your SQL Server 4. Choose the Master database 5. Choose Extended Stored Procedures 6. Right click and choose “New extended stored procedure” (where name=xp_ndo_enumuserids, path=c:\mssql7\binn\xp_ndo.dll) 7. Click ok 8. Choose the ext. stored proc. again 9. Set Public Execute in permissions This was from the danish nsc support page… /

Consider this post as stupid and obsolete but I have to say it anyway. I don’t have experience with SQL Server 7.0 but I was working for 3 years with SQL Server 4.0 to 6.0 and I see that some of the basic problems have not been solved yet. The point is that SQL-Server is an American product and therefore has problems whenever non-American formats are being used. Take the formating of Dates (TT.MM.YYYY in most countries, YYYY.MM.TT in Sweden, MM.TT.YYYY in the USA) or the formating of Numbers (’.’ as decimal separator except Germany and Austria which use the ‘,’). Marcus Marcus Fabian phone: +41 79 4397872 Edited by - fabian on 2/7/01 2:28:40 AM

FYI The file xp_ndo.dll is part of Fin 2.60C (SP3). You have to run Fin 2.60C or higher to use SQL 2000! Regards Thomas

Wha you are sometimes referring to SQL Server 7 and sometimes to SQL Server 2000? Is it the same DB with another name or is Version 7 already replaced by Version 2000? Marcus

SQL-Server 2000 is SQL-Server 8.0 I have the same problem is on top (wrong code pages). Where can I get Fin DE 2.60c (german version) and/or SP3 ? Edited by - ziererk on 2/9/01 4:07:50 PM

Fabian, Small correction about SQL Server. Your remark is valid, but not in place. This date thing is a consequence from the SQL “language”, not from the SQL Server product. The SQL dates are always the American style, by definition, in any SQL database. And concerning the original post: Get the 2.60C HotFix from Navision to run on SQL Server 2000. John