NF 2.6 - windows server 2003 - memory

Hi all I am having a problem. I have installed navision 2.6 on a windows 2003 server. Everything is ok, but the navision service is taking between 700-800 mb of ram on the server. Is this normal ? I don’t think the 2.6 is the right version to run on this server but the customer will not upgrade their navision license? Any tips to get the memory usage down? Lars

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Why do you need to get memory usage down? The more memory the better for Navision speed. There’s a limit of 1GB but in my experience in Native Navision with that version you can only use a cache size of up to 800 MB.

During the installation, you define the memory you want to allocate to Navision Cache, in the moment of installation Navision proposes the maximum available memory, therefore you might have set such a high value. I am not sure if changing it once in the cliente will adjust it on the server, I suggest that you rather deinstall the Navision server and reinstall and adjust manually the cache value. Saludos Nils

Changing at the client definitely does not change it. You need to: stop the Navision Server Service uninstall the Service install the Service again with the cache size you want to assign start the Service

Yes, that’s correct, the client setting does not affect the server setting (somehow logical), but there are possibilities to modify this setting without a reinstall: Saludos Nils