NF 2.50 & Windows NT 4.0 Terminal Server

Hi guys, I have a problem with NF 2.50 & WinNT 4.0 Terminal Server - when any user other than the domain administrator logs on to the terminal server (directly to the TS or from a remote workstation) and doubleclick on finsql.exe shortcut, there is an access right error: “…does not have access to NDBCS.DLL. Check attributes etc…” On the file attributes NDBCS.dll and other dll’s have full permissions on relevant groups to which the non-domain-admin user belongs. I have actually successfully run NF 2.60 on W2K Terminal Server. Is there any known issues on NF 2.50 and NT4.0 Terminal Server? Thanks

I havent seen this problem occur. I know we did test 2.5 on NT4, and we ran our internal Navision on 2.5 SQL for many months, and this included on NT4TS. Perhaps it relates to how you installed the Navision (ie under what user), but I havent had this problem and I know I would have installed it with full admin rights. Craig Bradney Technical Manager Navision Solutions & Services, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu