NF 2.00/01, C/ODBC, Access 2000 & Business Objects 5

We are trying to query Navision data from Business objects. For several reasons, we have to build a datamart using Access. We roughly try to synchronize Navision tables within Access. There 3 problems appears that are quite tricky : 1. in 2.00, while trying to attach Navision tables, Access pops up an error “The decimal field’s precision is too small to accept the numeric you attempted to add”. Thus, we cannot link or import Navision 2.00 tables within Access … 2. in 2.00, when querying directly from Business Objects, all numeric fields are returned without decimal part (as if they were all integers) 3. in 2.01, the decimal problem dissapears, but importing certains tables (client) hangs the ODBC driver and crashes Business Objects and/or Access and/or SQL Server 7. The ODBC connection remains open and you only choice is to close everything and reboot. Any idea? Frédéric Lafosse E&Y France

About version 2.00 try upgrading your Codbc driver to 2.10 - the one that comes with NF 2.00 D. About the connection to Navision Financials Native Base, I had the same problem when it was on at local base, but when i connected to a server instead, the problem was solved.

I think that there are some problems with the BLOB fields and the ODBC driver. Try to “Attach” the (client) table and then make a “query” with all the fields, except those BLOB fields. Run the query for view the results. After, you may convert this query into a “Creation table” query for obtain the same results as you make an import table (whitout the BLOB fields). Regards AngelBel

Using Navision Manufacturing 2.01b. Upgraded to Office 2000 and now Access 2000 ODBC links hang up after the first successful use resulting in reboot. Navision recommends a Microsoft Knowledge Base article which instructs you how to GO BACK to the old ODBC drivers after installing Office 2000. As Access 2000 handles data completely different from Access 97 I can understand that an upgrade to the Navision ODBC drivers is required - just not sure that it is coming. Anybody know a better fix or have an update? Michael Enos Edited by - menos on 5/5/00 8:52:56 PM