Next lline in Report?

Hi, Based on condition i want to display the records in the next line or in the sme line in a report.How to display records in next line.

Hi Rajarajeshwari,

based on the design…how did you design the report…you can tell with small example how you want to print the records in the report…

Naresh Kolli

Hi Naresh, This post is with reference to my previous post… (i.e) i want a report which displays all the activities as a “Breakdown structure”(what we see in the “activity breakdown sturcture” in Project form) … Simply to say i want to display all the activities in a tree view…

Hi Rajarajeshwari,

You can take the Programmable-sections in the report and execute them basing on the condition

Naresh Kolli.

How can i do it in programmable section?


I am not sure this can help you but just a hint

In every section (like page header,body,prolog etc) we have a over ridden method named “executeSection”.Include your condition in programmable section and call

it using element.execute(SomeNumber) [some number is the number given in property of programmable section] in execute section.Please Know in detail about programmable section.You can do any type of report using it.

Hi Raji,

This can be easily solved by using programmable section as said by the above posters.

Design it first and execute it as per your logic.

You can take help of lot of all standard reports which are already available.

I just got a requirement of reproducing the existing programmable sections in with simpler layout for audit purpose.

The report lists all the items/processes used in a production line and I have to add a section that would list the items and processes again while omitting the other columns data like barcode etc.

I was thinking that I can just copy those sections again.

The problem is that it repeats each line nowthat I don’t want

I want the whole section to appear in the end of report.

Can anybody please help me with it?