Next line in order form

First post for me so i hope this goes well.

I have the following situation, i wan’t to speed up the order input by prefering the keyboard over mouse input.

So far i’ve changed the Nextcontrol settings so this is achieved, but at the last item that i wan’t to be edited the line should save

and jump back to the first field of the next new line.

Anyone suggestion for this?

Hi Dave,

Welcome to Dynamics User Group [:D]

To get the cursor to go the next line just set the nexcontrol ID to the ID on the field on the next line.

e.g. No. = ID 4 Quantity = ID 12

set Nextcontrol on No. to 12 and Nextcontrol on Quantity to 4

Dumb,could have tried that before sounding stupid now :slight_smile:

Don’t worry we all have to start sometime