newbies questions concerning upgrading

Hi there, some questions concerning upgrading NF from 2.60A to 2.60D: - how can I find out which NF Server the customer is running ? - Upgrade from 2.6A to 2.6B affects some database objects, where can I find the upgrading objects ? On the 2.6B CD there is a folder ‘nfupgtk’ which contains the fob files Upgrade1.fob, Upgrade2.fob and Upgrade3.fob - are these the upgrading objects ? Thanks for your anwsers Erik

To see what version of the server is running just run the server.exe from a command prompt and it will show the version of the executable. I guess you also will find an attached text/doc file with instructions on how to upgrade. If not contact your local Navision office to get it. Soren Nielsen, moderator Integration/Developer NOLUG

Those FOB files contain, if I recall correctly, FOBs of special objects you need to perform the upgrade. For example, before you could upgrade a 2.5 database to 2.6 you needed to run a report which renamed any objects which had the same name as other objects. That was necessary because 2.5 lets you have different objects with the same name, but 2.6 does not let you do this (which was a good thing, I might add…) I think the new application objects are usually distributed as a whole new database— and it is up to you (assuming you are a certified solution developer working for an NSC) to merge them with your old database. ------- Tim Horrigan