Newbie questions

Is there a way to look at a screen in Navision and tell what table a field is storing it’s data in. We are learning our back end process on Navision as we had a consultant do our work and not document it. Just want to understand an easy way to determine where info is stored. I know in some other ERP’s that you can use a function to find out what table the data is stored in. Just wanted to know if it could be done.



hit Ctrl+F8 and you will zoom into the table detail. The title bar should tell you the name of the table.

In Navision you have a form called Navigate. It will help you a lot.

Hey Nuno, I totally agree that Navigate is a great form to look at to learn the data structure in Navision, but in this case the user needs to specifically know which table the data in the CURRENT form is stored in, so as Daniel says, the solution is to use Ctrl+F8.

Since this is the beginner 's forum, we don’t want to confuse kmuller by getting too many steps ahead. [;)]