Newbie question: Import formats in AX


My company has developed an invoicing system and one of our potential clients needs to import invoice transactions to their accounting system (Axapta). I have never used Axapta but have done similar integration for other accounting systems. These other systems all have predefined file formats for importing journals, but for Axapta it seems to be more complicated.

I have not yet found any documentation for a predefined import format. It seems that I need to set up either a “Definition group” or use a wizard to create an Excel template. In both cases it looks like I need to know exactly which tables I need to fill with data and how these tables relate to each other. Is this correct? If there are no other/better solutions I would be very grateful if someone culd provide some information on how to do this (importing an invoice journal). A sample definition group or Excel template would be great!

Thanks in advance!


What about using the the standard way to split the problem into two parts by creating an interface using some neutral format. Perhaps you could create a read-only view or a fixed format text file to act as input for the developers of the receiving system.

The importing routine is then coded to the receiving system using its validation and error handling routines. In Axapta the reading can be started by a batch job.