Newbie Integration Problem

Hello all, i am a total beginner to MS Dynamics and i am interested in achieving the following; I want to extend the functionality of Dynamics AX by allowing employees make hotel bookings. My skills are in ASP.NET AND C# so i read up that i could create the Web App and integrate it with Dynamics. My questions are; 1) Do i create my Database outside the Dynamics DB? 2) How can i get authentication to be done off the employee data stored in Dynamics? 3) The above may require a login field to be added to the HR Table in Dynamics. How can i achieve this? Thanks for any help on these.

Hi femig, sorry for late response.

It depends on context. Both solutions are feasible. You will be using .NET or COM connector for integration. You can create your tables in DAX and update them using X++, or create them in MS SQL and update them with C#.

You should write method in X++ that will perform authentication.

I think UserInfo table already contains field for username that you can use, but if you want another username, you need to create another table and add this field to it, and join it with UserInfo.