New Vendors Blocked

Are newly created vendors supposed to be blocked by default? If not, what could cause this?


It’s possible that the field has been set up with an inititial value. Go to the properties for the “blocked” field in the Vendor Table and see what the property “InitValue” has been set for.

I learned that a mod was put in place to make sure required fields were completed. The answer to my original question has been provided but I’m very interested in learning as much as I can. Could you provide some direction as to how I could view the properties for the blocked field in the Vendor Table? I wouldn’t imagine that this is viewable from the Object Designer.


When you select design a table in object designer a select field properties you have a property with name “InitValue”. Fill this properties with default value you want init in new records.

For some reason I’m not seeing that. I’m running 3.70.A and when I select the table in Object Designer I see the columns: Type, ID, Name, Modified, Version List, Date, Time, BLOB, & compiled and the only hidden column is caption. Once I click design the table designer pops up with the fields: Enabled, Field No., Field Name, Date Type, Length, Description and I just don’t see “InitValue” anywhere.

Am I looking in the wrong places?

When you select design choose a field such as blocked and go to view from the menu bar and select properties (or you can hit SHIFT+F4) This will bring up the properties for that field.

Now I see, thanks for the help…