New value to price date type enum

Hi All,

I’ve added new value to PurchPriceDateType enum to have additional option for pricing date. I tried to extend method priceDate on PurchLine to return value for my enum, but faced an issue as the original method has “default” branch and it throws an error. As I understand, it searches for the delegate? How can I create that delegate, is it possible? Or is there any way to bypass that error?

switch (purchParameters.PriceDateType)
            case PurchPriceDateType::DeliveryDate:
                return this.DeliveryDate;

            case PurchPriceDateType::Today:
                return DateTimeUtil::getSystemDate(DateTimeUtil::getUserPreferredTimeZone());

       // Here the error is thrown for the new enum value
                EventHandlerResult result = EventHandlerResult::newSingleResponse();
                this.retrievePriceDateDelegate(this, purchParameters.PriceDateType, result);

                if (result.hasResult())
                    return result.result();
                    throw error(strFmt("@SCM:PurchPriceDateNotFound", purchParameters.PriceDateType));

Sorry, found by myself… But may be it will be helpful to somebody:

[SubscribesTo(tableStr(PurchLine), delegateStr(PurchLine, retrievePriceDateDelegate))]
    public static void PurchLine_retrievePriceDateDelegate(PurchLine _purchLine, PurchPriceDateType _purchPriceDateType, EventHandlerResult _eventHandlerResult)