New user's question


I am new to Dynamics AX.

I have a very generic question here:

As I noticed by reading the MSDN document, most of the development work are done using “data binding”.

So if I need to manually (not through a data bind control) insert a new record to a table, what shall I do?

The challenge is, there are columns created by Dynamix automaticaly for each table including:


And I don’t know what value to use for a new record especially for field “RECID”


Another question I have is:

If I use a grid and bind the grid to a table, using ctrl+n, a new empty row will apear.

So if I what to create a “Create New” instead of using ctrl+n, what shall I do?



These columns are created and filled by dynamics and you don’t need care!

If you need to insert a row outside from dynamics (eg microsoft sql statement) you’ll need to get the last record, increase it and insert the record.



Create new or CTRL+N is the same.