New User import excel data

I am a new user and would like to import customers, budgets, ledgers, P&Ls etc… from excel. I can not find any information other than for budgets. Is this possible? How is it done? Thanks

You can do this easily by using the Dataport Functionality within Navision. Search on this site for Dataport Imports and this should set you on your way.

There is no “standard” interface (dataports of excel imports) for the tables you mention besides the budget part. That mainly due to the fact that with every customer you face different data structure and different information sources. You can either develop dataports, to upload you excel information saved as csv files, or use the budget import funcionality as a starting point to develop the other interfaces. You could also have a look a the “Rapid Methodology Implementation” toolkit that is available on partnersource - it includes a very cool generic interface to import data from Excel: in Navision you define the tables and fields that you import and it creates a kind of Excel templates where you copy your data - and then you upload this into Navision. Saludos Nils

Hi Noahn, Configuring and seting up Navision is not really somethign for a new user to do by themselves. Its basically what your NSC (or VAR or partner) is there for. When they sold you Navision they would have discvussed all this as a part of the implementation process. You need to contact them, they will analyse your needs, and help you with this. Basically seting up master data in Navision is a little more complex than it looks at first. Yes you can do it on your own, but it will be much better if you do it with yoru NSC.

In fact, the easiest ways to import data using an excel file are saving the excel file as a tab delimited text file (option 1) or using a temporary Excel Buffer record to import the file in navision and then handle the information in navision. The Excel buffer table comes with some standard and easy to use functions to import/export information from/to navision to/from Excel.

Alfonso, I don’t think this is a programing question, its a beginers issue of where to start business wise. In this case a new user importing a P&L though an Excel automation as you suggest is not a good solution, yes the coding is simple, but the big issue is the business logic around the process. The starting point is the NSC, and then maybe take a look at the RIM tools.

Hey, David, nice to see you around. Well, his question was if it was possible and how is it done… well, it’s possible and those are two easy ways to have it done. But I agree with you (I didn’t read your post before answering, he,he… :wink: ): setting up the database is not something a beginner user should be doing. It’s too easy to make mistakes that could affect the whole implementation up to the point of having to re-do the setup (and all the data input) or have an expensive customization to fix the problem. An example could be defining a wrong costing method in the items card and starting the process of buying/selling to notice later on that the items have a wrong costing method…usually a painful mistake. :wink: BTW, David, do you know if the users have been moved to that new forum or we have to re-create accounts if we want to “move” there? (you know, after having this account since 2000… well… it’s like a pet :slight_smile: )

Basically you will need to re-register at again. I will be working over the next few weeks to bring over the history, so if you have the same user log in over there (apertierra), then your data should convert.

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