New to the forum

Hello all,

I would like to intorduce myself. I am a senior accountant for a R&D company in BC Canada, and in the final year of obtaining my CMA designation.

The company that I am working for has recently (mid July) installed Microsoft Business Solutions Navision V4. I was very pleased with how quickly month end was processed.

I look forward to all the advice and help that appears to be available from the very knowledgable people that post on this site. I’ll head on over to the newbie section now and post a question.



This community gladly will help you.

Hi Lisa, and welcome to the Dynamics User Group.

Ask away, I am sure you will get answers to all you need to know. Also don’t forget the Search Tool The group have been around for 12 years, so there is quite a bit of history to search.

Also the forum has a star rating system, and a “Question Answered/Not Answered function” so you can judge how usefull a post is, and also give your comments.

Hi Lisa, welcome to the Dynamics User Group, or DUG, as some people call it. This is one of the best places for answers to Dynamics questions. Make yourself at home, and ask as many questions as you like. [:)]