new to navision -

I am new to navision - I use Navision at work but I would like to learn more about it, hopefully to become developer – my problem is I do not know where to start. Could you please help?-

Do I have to be experienced programmer to start learning Navision as developer

Thanks for your help


Hi Omar and welcome to forum!

Being an enduser, you should have access to MS extranet site CustomerSource - you must be on active Maintenance plan and your Partner can help to set up logins for you.

CS has much info, including downloadable manuals and courses, far more documentation than is provided in Docs directory on Navision installation disk.

Not being a programmer earlier in case with Navision may even help you, because C/AL --Navision programming language-- is different, people used to, say, C or VB or whatever else must change their way of thinking to Navision-way of how things are done, and not all of them succeed…

You can read posts here in “Training & Certification” forum - there are discussions for your interest, too. So, read these, and feel free to ask questions further on - as this theme can’t be explained just in one single answer…

Thanks Modris