new to navision with little knowledge of IT and business

HI All

Can any one please guide me what is Navision end user and whats developer?whats the difference?

Sorry but I am not very experienced in this field.Also can any one please guide me what is best for me to learn Navision as quickly as possible so that I can work as a support.I have little knowledge of computer and business,can I still learn navisio.

What area should I focus more to learn navision.I have started with Nav 2013.I read manuals and do practice but its giving me very little aid when I come to practically solving the queries.Some of the queries or issues that comes from people (may be easy ones for other people)are very hard and complicated for me and I dont even know where to start from to solve them.

Can any one help answer me please I will be very very grateful.

Thanks in advance.


the navision (or better dynamics nav) end user is a person who uses this system to do invoicing, creating sales order, sales quotes and so on. an end user has normally no knowledge about developing at all. an end user uses NAV like he/she uses microsoft word.

a developer is a person who makes changes in the nav system, the customization: creating/changing reports, pages, etc.

a good startingpoint is youtube. there are many, many training videos.

for a support employee only one thing is helpful: experience. so, start reading, by a nav book, watch nav videos, develope …

HI Jonathan

Thank you very much for your precious advice.

Do you reckon I should have an indepth knowledge of IT and business.I am a basic user of computer/internet i.e

do surfing/emailing etc.I have been using MS word and have some knowledeg of ms Excel.I dont have much knowledge about business.

thanks in advance


for working in the support area it’s ok to have only basic IT knowledge. it’s more important to have the ability to learn (quite quick), to have the willingness to learn. support work is typically a training on the job thing. helpful is, if there are colleagues,you can ask.

but, no fear about the whole thing. start reading books, blogs, etc. watch videos. do the whole thing step by step. dynamics nav is no system to learn in a couple of days, it needs years.