New to microsoft dynamics AX

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I’m a core .net web developer with 4 years of web development experience. Now i decided to learn dynamics AX and CRM, i think its better to have multiple technologies and if its ERP it will definitely add weightage to my profile…My aim is to become a technofunctional guy.

Can anyone suggest me where to start in dynamics AX? How to understand all the functional terminology of a business?

Please suggest me, How to kickstart AX right from the installation and development and integration with ASP.NET websites?

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Look into Microsoft Dynamics AX Installation and Development Guides…


Thats fine… But what actually i need to choose among various versions of dynamics like GP,AX,Nav,CRM?? Is it beneficial to work both on AX and .NET?

Let me know please.


They are not versions they are different products- which constitute Microsoft Dynamics.

for more look into

No doubt in that.[:)]

There are different Dynamics products as you probably know, MS is investing more in AX so I would choose this one. There is a good book Inside MS Dynamics AX 2009 that you should read for technical aspects, regarding functionality you should pick a module, for example Production and start reading about Manufacuring books. Then take the training materials for the module and you will understand it better. It takes time to learn about functionality so just be patient.


Thanks for the reply, I need to work only on AX or Can i use .NET also? Are there any websites running on Microsoft Dynamics AX??

I basically develop websites using .NET, In what way i can use ASP.NET and Microsoft Dynamics AX?? Where exactly Dynamics AX is useful?


Microsoft Dynamics Navision uses .NET


i want interview questions anybody help me…

also send dynamics ax developer information websites…

jobs posted in ax where i can see…