New to Dynamics AX

hi all,
newbie here. i would like to get some advise with regards to appropriate hardware that we can deploy for the imlementation of AX e.g. servers (Blade, NAS, backups, etc.). links would be much helpful. currently been assigned to take care of the technical aspects with regards to AX which will be implemented soon.
thanks so much for the help.
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Hi Trix

Welcome to this forum and Axapta world :slight_smile:

You haven’t mentioned which Ax version you are looking into. In any case a while ago MS released a hardware sizing guide for Ax 3.0.

Even if you are looking for information on Ax 4.0 I was told by a reliable person from MS that users can still go ahead and use this guide.

If you are an end user please try to get in touch with your partner.

Hope this helps.

thanks harish for the welcome. we’re gonna be using ax 4.0. just anticipating and preparing for the implementation as i was assigned to the technical aspects of the implementation and my fear is that my knowledge is not quite that advanced esp on sql server.
what knowledge base would be needed for a technical person in an axapta implementation?
thanks again for the help.

hi, and welcome aboard!

pls look at the implementation guide:


thanks K.K. for the link. very helpful.
one other thing is with regards to the hardware. we’re planning to house the 3-tier architecture using blade servers but we just don’t have a grasp on how to backup the whole thing which includes the system state for all the servers.
any help would be appreciated.
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