New to AX

Hello friends,

I am a senior ERP technical consultant. I have been doing Baan for more than ten years and currently trying to learn Dynamics AX. I have been using Dynamics AX VPC. I recently passed MB6-819 and 821 AX tools certifications. Does someone have any advice as to how I can learn more and make myself ready for getting a AX developer’s job?



As you are having an VPC…

Try to understand the standard reports ,tables and classes how they are bulit and they are being used (by debugging)

The most of the developers job will be doing changes in the standard product…

It will be very easy for you if are able to understand the architecture how the tables and classes , reports and others things are bulit…

It may be some what difficult for you as a beginner (you will really enjoy it )

This is up to my experience…(all the best )