New to AX

I am new to MBS products, and I just started a new job which requires me to learn as much as possible about MS Dynamics AX 4.0.
Right now, all I have access to is the documentation that shipped with Axapta 3.0.

So my two questions are:
1.) Would it be worth my while to study the Axapta 3.0 documentation until the 4.0 release?
2.) Are there any suggestions on classes or training for 4.0?


Hi, and welcome aboard!

The basic structure of AX 4.0 is quite similar 3.0x. If you are in a hurry and have v.3 documentation read them untill you get newer materials.

It is very difficult to suggest training without knowing wether you work in an end user company or a partner which is implementing AX systems.


Hiya and welcome to the wonderful world of Dynamics AX :slight_smile: I’m assuming you’re a developer, to which I’d say “What K.K said”.

Just an added note for development - if you can, get a copy of Steen Andreasen’s Axapta e-book (MorphX-It). It’s a good introduction to the development environment in Axapta.

My apologies for the delay, I thought I had already replied to this but I must have been mistaken.

I am working for the end user company in the IT department.
Right now we have a MS Partner doing the system implementation for one of our companies to be followed by our corporate headquarters.

My official title is Developer, but mostly I am supposed to learn the software inside and out (as well as our business processes).
The end goal would be for me to be able to make changes to the system as needed, support to the users, and design reports.
The company is growing fast and we predict a lot of possible changes in the future.

So with that said, could you suggest training?

Thanks also for the info regarding the 3.0 documentation.
I have been reading over every scrap I can find!


Thanks for the note!
I ran accross Steen Andreasen’s book while searching for AX books, and that one is on my list.
I also almost ordered a Dynamics AX book from Apress, but after reading some comments on, I found out that it was actually an Axapta 3.0 book, not really a Dynamics AX / Axapta 4 book.

The only 4.0 book I found is an offerring from MS Press, and won’t be released until August =/.

I am a bit suprised at the lack of books >.<’

Ax4 isn’t even out yet, and you want books on how to delevop in its environment. :slight_smile:

I know, I know, I am getting a bit spoiled.
I have spent the last few years teaching at a technical college, and I am used to tech books being available before product launch (for adoption review and course development).
I was hoping that trend would follow here, but I guess Axapta is not really a technology that is taught in many colleges ;).

Sorry for seeming so impatient, I am just excited to learn!



I am also working for an end-user manufacturing company and I can understand where you are coming from. I agree with the earlier suggestions - instead of waiting for Ax 4.0, it might be better to start going through available documentation. This way at least you might be able to get the hang of Axapta.

Just curious - in your company are you directly going for Ax 4.0?


Hello Harish,
Actually we are upgrading from a 2.5 installation.
The 2.5 system was not supported very well, and there have been at least 4 different MS partners that have worked on it.
We just recovered from a production issue this morning, and we are just holding our breath that this 2.5 system will live long enough to upgrade!

I now have a TAP image with AX 4.0 on it, as well as some documentation for the new system, and it looks exciting!


AX 3.0 newbie soon to be DAX 4.0 newbie here. Our company is fast growing and global. We have 25 users on AX for the past 2 years. I am the developer/project manager for the migration to the 4.0 product set for a go-live date of 1/1/07.

We have been surviving through the use of 1 consulting company and 1 really good consultant. I was brought in to manage this relationship, grow more vendor relationships and become the internal expert of the system in terms of security, reports and processes.

I am going to start with this book ( and hope to learn 'on the job".

It appears there are often 5 ways to perform a task within AX…and different users use different ways. I would like to standardize this in the form of Work Instructions and lock-down security to disable all other form modifications/tweaks at the USR level. This is a real pain when you do form mods at a higher level as everbody’s screen will look jumbled or act wierd. Does anyone know if this is still an issue on DAX 4.0?

Well, that is my story. Good luck on your new adventure and feel free to bounce some ideas off me in the future.