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Hello, I have a NT4 server With Navision Server 2.6B I would to buy a new server. It’s a compaq proliant ML370 with 2 processors 1.4 GHZ, 1 Mo RAM, 3 HD 36 GB RAID 5, … Is this a good choice? And OS is Win2000 Server. Is ther any know problem with 2000 Server (SP2) and Navision Server 2.6B ?? Thx

Please review the Navision Installation and System Management Manual where you should find Navision’s recommendations for a server configuration. Navision recommends RAID 1 (mirrored drives), not RAID 5, and says “you can’t have too much memory”. Dave Studebaker Liberty Grove Software A Navision Services Partner

And you don’t need a second processors as long as you are not running SQL-Server. Walter

Hi, Last weekend we converted 10Gb database from 2.6 into 3.10. We used directly the same model of server. We expected good speed. But after 2 days instalation and configuration my own pentium 4 800Mhz and 256MB RAM worked ten times faster then Compaq. Our Compaq guru didn’t find anything to faster it. So we converted on Compaq notebook with Pentium 4 1.7GHz and 512MB RAM.:slight_smile: May be we lost some points, but be carefull and before get it, test it.

“For a multi-user or test server, our minimum recommendation is a dual processor computer with 512 MB of memory and 2 SCSI disks.” Is that true ? Please advise on the hardware requirement for a server with SQL Server Option and multiuser (eg:30 users) environment for Attain 3.10A. Thnx in advance.

In order for someone to provide you with a meaningful response to your inquiry, you will need to provide additional information. What is your transaction volume? What types of transactions (e.g. some applications are heavier users of the system than others)? Do you have any custom automated processes (automated processes act as more intense “users”)? What data volume do you retain on-line? If you have additional information you think would be useful, that would be good too. Dave Studebaker Liberty Grove Software A Navision Services Partner

The only thing universal, is that the Dual processors on a C/Side database will ALWAYS be slower than a single CPU, so don’t waste money on the second processor, spend it on RAM. _________________________ David Singleton Navision Consultant since 1991 dmks22@comcast.net___________

A very big thank you to David Studebaker and David Singleton. I still remember that max. cachesize is 1GB. Does more RAM such as 1GB RAM is sufficient? Or maybe more? Does a big harddisk space for virtual memory is recommended? 2MB cache for each user? As this is my first implementation of Attain & SQL Server Option, what other factors besides volume transaction to be considered? I truly appreciate any advice.

One of our customers just bought a Compaq ML370. 1 * P4 with 1,4 GHz. 1280 MB RAM. 8 database-Files on 8 harddisks (10K, Ultra3, dedicated only for the database-files). 4 Disks per SCSII-Channel. 800 MB Cache. The performance is very good. The machine will serve about 120 concurent users.

Thank you Richard for your kind sharing. Are you using Attain 3.10A with SQL Server Option? Your sharing has given me much more assurance that memory investment is worth the $$$$. To those out there who had been discussing similar thread, I thank you too for sharing with us your insights and experience. Thanks again.

Right now it’s 3.10A (only .exe …, the objects are from an much older version 1.X, so you cant’t compare really with 3.10A) in combination with the Navision C/Side-Database and W2000 Server. But I would also recommed that kind of machine for a complete new installation with 3.10A and the C/Side-database.

When I mentioned one CPU, that is of course only relevant with C/SIDE. SQL needs multiple processors. Please be aware that a Navision C/SIDE server and a Navision SQL server, are two totally different machines. With SQL, you need at least double the CPU power, double the RAM, and a completely different DISK configuration to get the same performance as on a C/SIDE server. _________________________ David Singleton Navision Consultant since 1991 dmks22@comcast.net___________

Hi David can you tell me the best Configuration for SQL/Attain310a ? Cache, Raidlevel, SQL Configuration … Thank You