New Server - Navision License

Hi, I will be replacing the company server which is running Windows NT 4.0 with a new server running Windows 2000 Server. The version of Navision I have is US 2.01B. Will I have any problems with this Version of Navision on the new Server? What is the best way to move the software, data and License? Thanks, David

No. That’s no problem. Do like this: 1. Backup the database with Navisions own backup function. 2. Install a client on the new server. 3. Copy Your fin.flf to the folder where You installed the client 4. Create a new empty database on You new server 5. Restore the backup into the new database 6. Install the new server. By doing this last the install program will find Your licens file and Your database (or You can choose the correct license file and database) during the install. 7. Now You can start the client again and connect to the server on localhost to se that all is running. Now: Why install a client on the server? The last thing You do now is to create to bat-files on the server. The first (which we can call pre_backup.bat) is for stopping the server (net stop MyServiceName). The other bat-file (which we can call post_backup.bat) is for testing the database and starting the service. The test is done by “fin.exe dbtest=normal” (se the installation manual for command line options). The two bat-files You call before and after backup (which You may allready have guessed). This way You will stop the server before backup so data is consistent, and You’ll get a test after backup. If the test fails the service wont start since the bat-file will stop where the client displays the error (never ever happend to me though). Regards //Lars

It might be worth reviewing the following the following I received from MSBS in response to a problem a client had who are running version 2.00.C on Win2K “We don’t support anymore this version of Navision (5 years old). 2.00.C has certainly not been designed to run with Windows 2000. Please stick to the system requirements for this version. Such problems have already been reported and have been corrected in following releases (2.01, 2.50, 2.60, 3.00, 3.01, 3.10, 3.60).” Regards Craig

Really ? I thought that even the OLD dos version was still supported to some extent … The company I work for is using Navision Financials 2.60, is this version will also be unsupported soon ?


Originally posted by Craig "We don’t support anymore this version of Navision (5 years old)

Of course it’s allways best to use the latest C/SIDE, but there is no problem at all (as far as I have seen) with running 2.01 on w2k /Lars

Hello, It’s interesting that support for Navision Financials 2.01 has been withdrawn in New Zealand. In the UK the old DOS versions and GB1.10 are no longer supported. MBS have answered queries I have given to them for GB2.00, but it has been a long time since I last logged a GB1.30 call. I would say that the majority of customers in the UK are still running a version of Financials rather than Attain, so it would be unwise for MBS to withdraw support for it accross the board. At present we are going through a busy patch taking our customers up to NA3.60, which brings it’s own issues…